Monday, September 11, 2017

TTM Rejects: Rotten Tigers. A lesson painfully learned.

Here is my pile of rejected mail from the Detroit Tigers. Each envelope containing a donation request that looks to be signed by the player. IT IS NOT. Be aware. I have seen some people on facebook saying they were going to cut out the signature for some reason but I was wise (or foolish) enough to send to Ian Kinsler twice. Here are the scanned signatures:
They are 100% printed or best case scenario autopen but I don't even think an autopen can sign the exact spot on the paper twice.
The Tigers love to let me down. I wish they would have just created a stamp of their donation site and RTS'ed my originals to save me the postage. Lesson painfully learned.

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  1. What a disappointment! This team is completely disconnected with their fan base. If you want an autograph during a game, you have to catch them on the road. They rarely sign at home anymore. Mgmt wants our $$$. Buy a ball at the Team shop! Yes, there are those who resell the goods but they are in the minority. I went a three weeks or so ago and stood right next to the dugout along the wall. Not one player came over. Zip. Zero. So many kids there calling to them left disappointed. Oh the Boys were kind enough to wave. Hey Tigers!!! Sign for the kids! Can you not do that?