Monday, August 7, 2017

Breaking all the Rules: Card Show Finds

I hope this wasn't a swing and miss.
 A little frustration mixed in this week with other collectors and vendors so skip ahead to the pictures when my whining gets annoying. I usually have no problem with others and communicate pretty well and politely as those skills were honed in my first life of customer service oriented careers. I can usually brush off anybody that annoys me but this week I must have been more stressed than most. First, this conversation from a prospective trade partner was confusing and annoying:
me: "What do you collect?"
them: "Mostly vintage."
me: "Okay cool. I'll look at what I have, whats your team?"
them: "Diamondbacks."
me: ...
So let me look through my vintage 1998 cards. WTF.

Next, I had been waiting for this last card show for a while. I knew I wouldn't have much to spend but was looking forward to spending some time digging through nickel and dime boxes with my brother. Unfortunately, life forced him to stay home. Bummer. So I went alone with a strict list of rules to make the most of my thin wallet. I broke every self imposed rule I made. It wasn't a complete bust but it was not what I expected.

My rules were;
1. Buy for myself, stop seeing every card as a trade opportunity
2. Find something vintage to take home for myself
3. Spend 95% of whatever funds I had at dimeboxes

So I did what I always do and found treasures for everyone else, bought vintage for other people and spent 60% of the small amount I had on singles and the vintage I looked through. I also got pissed off after being accused of trying to pull a fast one on a guy I buy from regularly. When I pointed out his sign was worded wrong he then accused me of making his box out of order. I buy from the guy all the time and the dispute was that I was trying to buy a vintage card for $1 that was marked $4 but his sign said everything was a dollar. So that ruined part of my day and he lost a customer that used to be happy to see him and always stopped at his tables first over a misunderstanding that would have cost him $3 that I was happy to spend if he would have been normal about it and not crazy. I am sure he had some terrible customers probably before my arrival that got him started off pissy but that's the nature of the business. Anyway, I did spend about 2 hours digging through nickel boxes and quarter boxes and found some decent stuff but it wasn't the blast I was hoping for. Here is some stuff:

I am now 2 cards short of having the Fish Inserts from 2017 Allen and Ginter done. Now, the question is how do I display them or do I start a new project like getting them signed by fishermen holding the records for those fish or something? I donno. If anybody has #13 or 16 I need them!

I picked up this little box of 1986 junk for $1. It had a lot of great names on the checklist on the back. I think I'm going to break up the box so if anybody needs any of the cards inside other than the ones I laid out let me know. You can probably find the checklist online pretty easily since I didn't upload it and I'm too lazy to go do it now.


I have always wanted that Brian Hunter card. The Upton is cool and Sheff and Morris cards are aesthetically pleasing. I have always been a sucker for one hit wonder Tiger bullpen flame throwers like Zumaya and Anderson.

Big Daddy PC pick ups:

Got this card for .03! The rest were 10 centers.

I honestly haven't gathered all my Cecil Fielder cards together so I may already have all of these but at .03-.10 a piece I may as well just grab them.

More PC guys for pennies:

Always been a Wainwright fan. 

Some more gold:

These two might go out for TTM autos.

Team USA familiar names and faces:

One vintage card for an upcoming signing:

Bought a pack of Topps Chrome even though I don't enjoy the set due to the poor surface endurance. I did however get some good new guys:

I love the look of these Diamond Kings and really want to see one signed in black sharpie. Yelich really impressed me during the WBC so maybe I will try to get him on this one:
Lots of rookies and prospects:
All these were .03! Three cents for Haniger and Renfroe RC's? DEAL! I really enjoy watching McCullers pitch.

.03 cents a piece.

Finally a Trevor Story RC.
And the legends:

Wish the Scherzer was for Detroit. Wish he was still a Tiger.

The basketball cards are clear, very cool up close.

Great Knuckin' deal on these gems!

If only I had this Morris 2 months ago. It would have looked so sweet with my '78 Rookie Project.

Just in case my son gets into collecting. (His name is Nolan)

Overall, I had a good haul of cards and this is just highlights of the 500+ cards I took home. The nickel box I spent most of my time in was really 5 different sets and rarely any wax but if you bought 33 cards it they were $1. That dude's quarter boxes were ten cents if you bought 50. I made out pretty well. I did pick up some mystery items for AJ and Oscar to add to their contest prize envelopes  boxes. I will get those out to you guys on payday this Friday. I am excited to get this stuff to you guys and hope its all new for you.
This weekend is the "Garage Sale Trail" on the coast near me that is a super long string of garage sales. I hope to find some goodies on that and maybe even hit a show too. We'll see.


  1. Ha, thanks buddy, for grabbing some stuff for me.
    That's a nice Piazza in your post. I didn't know you collect him. I can add some Piazza to your pile. You're right - those DKs will look great with black sharpie.
    Finally, happy hunting at the garage sales!

  2. Excited to see what's in store!

    I love those 1993 Topps Gold. I remember collecting a lot that year, and keeping a separate pile of the Golds (1 per pack). I don't think I ever got anyone good though. I was convinced the Golds were only made of guys I hadn't heard of.