Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Accidental collection: Sweet Lou by the hundreds! & 1978 Tigers Rookie Project Update, Plus: My Hungry Mailbox

Sweet Lou

About 10 years ago I got addicted to Ebay...bad. I was away at college with financial aid refund checks burning holes in my pockets every semester. Back then my "financial advisor" at the school said, and I quote; "always take the most aid offered." Aid mind you for me was loans NOT aid in anyway since I am an average white male. So, every semester I pocketed a couple grand extra when I took out student loans. It royally effed me for life financially but at the time I built a nice little baseball card collection. One of the purchases I forgot I even made until recently was a lot of Lou Whitaker cards. By "lot" I mean both definitions; one large LOT of LOTS of them. I received literally hundreds of his cards. I now own over 100 different Lou Whitaker cards. Much like many of the Detroit faithful (those who aren't bandwagon fans cursing the current team because we remember when it really was bad) I love Sweet Lou. I remember being at my first Tiger game as a kid and hearing the crowd yell "Loooooouuuuuuu" when he came to bat and asking my dad why everyone was booing him. Anyway, if anybody has some Whitaker holes in their collection I have upwards of 50 doubles for some of his cards. He's not one of my PC guys but I always end up picking up more of his cards. I always think "well if you're going to have so many you may as well have all of them." There are a lot of players who's cards find me for some reason. For example; Kevin Youkilis. I once pulled two memorabilia cards of his from one pack. His cards just find me. Lou was a different start but seems to have become the new Youk for me.

'78 Detroit Tigers Rookie Project

That brings me to my 1978 Tiger Rookie Project. I am still in need of Tram and Parrish autos to complete the quad. I made a rustic looking wall piece to display the cards when I complete the project. I still need to reshape the plaque a little to look more like a bat, find decent card holders to attach, and put '78 Rookies in a cool retro script in white on it. Here is where I'm at on it:

My Mailbox is Hungry

It has been a few weeks since I have received anything good in the mail. I'm getting kind of depressed coming back from the mailbox with bills everyday. I have a lot of prospective trades in the works and am trying to build more. If anybody is bored and wants to swap some crap let me know! I have some goodies going out Friday and hopefully I can double this stack before then.

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  1. I can see the end in sight with my student loans...but man, what a pain in the A it's been.

    I've been setting aside a few cards for you, and will hopefully have enough for a decent mailing soon.