Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Even More Card Show and Garage Sale Finds and Trade Pick ups...UPDATE: Dime Box Gold?

Last week I gained about 100 pounds of cards through various endeavors. First, there is a crazy long "garage sale trail" on the East coast of Michigan I spent some time on. Then, an area flea market that has numerous card shows is shutting its doors so I had to get at least a peek at the last show there. Some online trades came in too. There will be a lot to post and probably 90% will be left out. I already posted about a box of 1993 Donruss I cracked open from the card show so check that out if '90s cards are your thing. Lets start with the trade stuff since its the fastest to scan.

Online Trade Stuff:

I got this Miggy lot in return for a Sheffield lot a little larger than it. I threw in a lot of extras for the dude and I am super happy with this trade.

I absolutely love this card. The scan sucks as he suddenly has a white booger for some reason I should rescan it but I am just lazy enough not to. I paid a heavy price for this card. I was in a hurry to get this card before someone else sniped it from me so I "over-traded" for it. Cost me nearly 20 Derek Jeter cards on top of a lot of other strong modern "hits." Probably should have played this one closer to the belt but I got the card. I can always chase down those old Jeters if I want.
The trouble with trading right now in my Facebook groups is someone will post a card and never say what they collect just that they want to trade. Someone finally asks who they collect and it is ALWAYS: #1 Judge cards #2 Clayton Kershaw. It kills me. The wording itself of "Judge Cards" and not "Aaron Judge" tells me they want cards to flip and the resent Judge Stock bull crap is pissing me off. It also tells me they probably don't even know Aaron Judge's first name just that they see dollar signs everywhere and want to get in while the getting is good. It shouldn't bother me, people should be able to collect for whatever reason they want but it gets under my skin. Plus, I have Dodger trade partners already who I send Kershaws too, I don't need more. Collect someone else people!

Garage Sale Pickins'

I got the bulk of my garage sale cards at one sale. It was slim pickings and a heavy midday rain closed up a lot of sales. Here are pics of what I snagged.

I am going to look stunning in this fanny pack at the next card show! IT WAS FREE!
All the garage sale stuff.
Basketball rookie cards. 3/$1 why not? I was dying to find any cards at this time.

This gem was in with the rookie cards. 1971 I believe.

Anybody need Ricky Martin cards? Better yet, can anybody find me a worse pack of cards to receive?! I showed my brother and he said "No wonder Upper Deck can't be successful."

Breaking into the boxes:

Raining Diamond Kings!


Some barely-vintage stars. The bowman Shot Heard Around the World card is a new one to me.

A different Boone RC, Bosio Members Only, Dawson Heritage Studio card is very cool.

Didn't have this Wizard card. Wish the Alou was in better shape. Greg Vaughn showing off his barber's skills. This Rickey Henderson card is sweet too. Nice 'stache Ryno.

I was a HUGE Big Cat fan when I was 12 and 13 (my fat playing 1st base years). This Vinny card is a great shot.

One of the smaller boxes was a Pinnacle full set, or at least it said it was. I lost most of the box to the sticky-ickies but pulled out some decent survivors.

Gotta love a Thome RC and Manny before he was being Manny. The Canseco was stuck bad so I let it sit out overnight in my basement and in the morning it was free from the Bobby Thigpen clinging to it. Magic. The Griffey is an odd ball but collectors love their oddball Griffey cards.
Jackpot X2!

I have said before that I try to figure out how the cards in random second hand boxes had come to live together. The two biggest boxes had very diverse innards with the big box being 65% basketball, 10% baseball, 5% football, 1% hockey and 14% xmen. There was about a handful of cards in each box though that curiously had 5-10 duplicates in the box and in the same order. Mystery. This Mesa is one of them.
My first thought when I saw the Jose Mesa card. You're welcome.
Some of the highlights of the nonbaseball cards. Members Only Selanne, The Great One, Jon Barry RC. I was a huge Jon Barry fan when he was a Piston. Mario Elie First Day Issue card is cool.

Some more young NBA stars of the time. The Doug Weight card is an important one to me. When I was very young my brother and I stayed the night at my Uncle John and Aunt Donna's house. My uncle gave me a handful of hockey cards mostly Red Wings but this Doug Weight was one of the cards. All those cards are in the vault so to speak. They are probably meaningless cards but are priceless to me. The Marcel is a reprint but you have to collect a dude who has the same last name as you right?

Card Show Take Aways:

I said earlier that the closest card show to me is now no more. The last weekend for it ever was the past one. I had a very busy weekend but was able to get to the show for about an hour. Most tables were either empty already or were packing up 2 hours before the show was set to end. This may be a reason it is no longer being put on. I did my usual empty snap case buy at the door so I had an empty card holder in every pocket before I hit the dime boxes. The show was weak since everybody was leaving but I did find one table that had some 20 cent boxes and found some other decent deals. I bought a lot of stuff for other people as usual. I don't post that stuff as to keep it a surprise. Here is a bit of the stuff I found:
Apparently, Julie at Cracked Bat saw this box too and passed. I'm glad she did.

El Tigres' and home town dudes.

My first Jiminez card, it came in a mystery Tiger pack. I have always loved this Shelton card in catcher's gear. Nate Robertson and Don Kelly will always be personal favorites.
I don't collect hockey much as my hands are too full with baseball but I know what I like and I buy what I like. Its funny how a good deal can make you buy cards you already have, in this case the Fielder and Castellanos. The Vmart is a SP.

I didn't have this Verlander. The Kaline top left is a very cool card. I can't pass up on Fidrych cards I already have when they are priced right. I wish I had this Morris months ago for an auto. The Probert card speaks for itself.
Some Ryan cards on the cheap.
I don't collect Piazza actively but he was the Aaron Judge of my collecting hay-day so I buy based on nostalgia. Most of these are trade bait. Not the Hampton, I dig pitchers who can hit.

Some new Vizquel cards. I am still on the fence on Yelich. He was great in the WBC but I have to watch him a little more to decide on whether or not to collect him. I didn't notice until I got home that the two Colon cards have different fronts and same backs. The batting card is a photo variation that I can't find on ebay at all. I may try to sell that one for more dime box cash.
Everybody needs the bat boy card.

DIME BOX GOLD?!?!?!??!?!

Well after I made this post I dove into finding this card. It is listed in the checklist for the set as a photo variation. Stupidly, I thought it was 2017 Stadium Club but its 2016 so I had a hard time finding it. I still haven't seen any posted anywhere other than the Topps checklist. Could turn out to be my greatest dime box find yet!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

THE PROBLEM WITH JUNK WAX break 1993 Donruss

The Problem with Junk Wax is: The Sticky-ickies! 

I consider 1993 Junk Wax era, and I love it!

Now,  I don't know when the "junk wax" era starts and ends exactly. I consider it on a case by case basis and 1993 Donruss would fall into that category for me. I can tell you one of the biggest problems I find with these cards is not the lack of value or of what we would consider hits in today's packs. The problem is a card illness I call the sticky-ickies. The sticky-ickies is a title my 2 year old son helped me come up with for literal bricks of cards that can't be separated cleanly. I recently found a good heap of cards at garage sales for good prices and also bought a sealed case of 1993 Donruss Series One at a card show. Half of the garage sale cards went straight to the trash as one solid hunk of junk wax and even in the sealed case, some of the cards I was looking forward to most were stuck together, ruining the surface of the card. In either case its an all out game of chance as to whether or not they have been stored decently. In both cases with my recent buys they were stored somewhere probably damp and also hot, this is Michigan for God's sake. It can be 30 degrees Tuesday and 88 Wednesday. Not ideal for cars, houses, and baseball cards. I am sure the sticky-ickies is not just a junk wax era cancer and that our modern cards will probably form the same issues when not stored carefully. If anybody knows cures for this issue please enlighten me! I think if this box of Donruss had been left in such heat and pressure much longer it may have become a diamond.

Lets Open this Gem!

The cards were pretty basic and the photography was too. There were a few inserts to chase in this set and some say you can find an "elite" numbered card in these boxes but I may as well look for bigfoot. Here are the stars of the time:
The Canseco and Martinez surfaces were ruined by the sticky-ickies. Some of these guys weren't stars quite yet. Check out the Buccs uni on Zane Smith. Wish I would have pulled the case Nolan Ryan and Cecil Fielder but I already have them anyway.

Let's see some inserts:

Diamond Kings as beautiful as ever. And two of my fav's!

Spirit of the Game front and back. Two fav's here too with Fielder and Alomar.

I had a lot of dupes but these Bud Black cards came in the same pack. I ended up with 7 or 8 Biggio base cards too.

Rookies! The meat and potatoes of Junk Wax boxes:

Some real studs debuted their RCs in 1993. I remember chasing the Piazza and Salmon from this set. I pulled 2 Piazza and 2 Boone from this box.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Accidental collection: Sweet Lou by the hundreds! & 1978 Tigers Rookie Project Update, Plus: My Hungry Mailbox

Sweet Lou

About 10 years ago I got addicted to Ebay...bad. I was away at college with financial aid refund checks burning holes in my pockets every semester. Back then my "financial advisor" at the school said, and I quote; "always take the most aid offered." Aid mind you for me was loans NOT aid in anyway since I am an average white male. So, every semester I pocketed a couple grand extra when I took out student loans. It royally effed me for life financially but at the time I built a nice little baseball card collection. One of the purchases I forgot I even made until recently was a lot of Lou Whitaker cards. By "lot" I mean both definitions; one large LOT of LOTS of them. I received literally hundreds of his cards. I now own over 100 different Lou Whitaker cards. Much like many of the Detroit faithful (those who aren't bandwagon fans cursing the current team because we remember when it really was bad) I love Sweet Lou. I remember being at my first Tiger game as a kid and hearing the crowd yell "Loooooouuuuuuu" when he came to bat and asking my dad why everyone was booing him. Anyway, if anybody has some Whitaker holes in their collection I have upwards of 50 doubles for some of his cards. He's not one of my PC guys but I always end up picking up more of his cards. I always think "well if you're going to have so many you may as well have all of them." There are a lot of players who's cards find me for some reason. For example; Kevin Youkilis. I once pulled two memorabilia cards of his from one pack. His cards just find me. Lou was a different start but seems to have become the new Youk for me.

'78 Detroit Tigers Rookie Project

That brings me to my 1978 Tiger Rookie Project. I am still in need of Tram and Parrish autos to complete the quad. I made a rustic looking wall piece to display the cards when I complete the project. I still need to reshape the plaque a little to look more like a bat, find decent card holders to attach, and put '78 Rookies in a cool retro script in white on it. Here is where I'm at on it:

My Mailbox is Hungry

It has been a few weeks since I have received anything good in the mail. I'm getting kind of depressed coming back from the mailbox with bills everyday. I have a lot of prospective trades in the works and am trying to build more. If anybody is bored and wants to swap some crap let me know! I have some goodies going out Friday and hopefully I can double this stack before then.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Breaking all the Rules: Card Show Finds

I hope this wasn't a swing and miss.
 A little frustration mixed in this week with other collectors and vendors so skip ahead to the pictures when my whining gets annoying. I usually have no problem with others and communicate pretty well and politely as those skills were honed in my first life of customer service oriented careers. I can usually brush off anybody that annoys me but this week I must have been more stressed than most. First, this conversation from a prospective trade partner was confusing and annoying:
me: "What do you collect?"
them: "Mostly vintage."
me: "Okay cool. I'll look at what I have, whats your team?"
them: "Diamondbacks."
me: ...
So let me look through my vintage 1998 cards. WTF.

Next, I had been waiting for this last card show for a while. I knew I wouldn't have much to spend but was looking forward to spending some time digging through nickel and dime boxes with my brother. Unfortunately, life forced him to stay home. Bummer. So I went alone with a strict list of rules to make the most of my thin wallet. I broke every self imposed rule I made. It wasn't a complete bust but it was not what I expected.

My rules were;
1. Buy for myself, stop seeing every card as a trade opportunity
2. Find something vintage to take home for myself
3. Spend 95% of whatever funds I had at dimeboxes

So I did what I always do and found treasures for everyone else, bought vintage for other people and spent 60% of the small amount I had on singles and the vintage I looked through. I also got pissed off after being accused of trying to pull a fast one on a guy I buy from regularly. When I pointed out his sign was worded wrong he then accused me of making his box out of order. I buy from the guy all the time and the dispute was that I was trying to buy a vintage card for $1 that was marked $4 but his sign said everything was a dollar. So that ruined part of my day and he lost a customer that used to be happy to see him and always stopped at his tables first over a misunderstanding that would have cost him $3 that I was happy to spend if he would have been normal about it and not crazy. I am sure he had some terrible customers probably before my arrival that got him started off pissy but that's the nature of the business. Anyway, I did spend about 2 hours digging through nickel boxes and quarter boxes and found some decent stuff but it wasn't the blast I was hoping for. Here is some stuff:

I am now 2 cards short of having the Fish Inserts from 2017 Allen and Ginter done. Now, the question is how do I display them or do I start a new project like getting them signed by fishermen holding the records for those fish or something? I donno. If anybody has #13 or 16 I need them!

I picked up this little box of 1986 junk for $1. It had a lot of great names on the checklist on the back. I think I'm going to break up the box so if anybody needs any of the cards inside other than the ones I laid out let me know. You can probably find the checklist online pretty easily since I didn't upload it and I'm too lazy to go do it now.


I have always wanted that Brian Hunter card. The Upton is cool and Sheff and Morris cards are aesthetically pleasing. I have always been a sucker for one hit wonder Tiger bullpen flame throwers like Zumaya and Anderson.

Big Daddy PC pick ups:

Got this card for .03! The rest were 10 centers.

I honestly haven't gathered all my Cecil Fielder cards together so I may already have all of these but at .03-.10 a piece I may as well just grab them.

More PC guys for pennies:

Always been a Wainwright fan. 

Some more gold:

These two might go out for TTM autos.

Team USA familiar names and faces:

One vintage card for an upcoming signing:

Bought a pack of Topps Chrome even though I don't enjoy the set due to the poor surface endurance. I did however get some good new guys:

I love the look of these Diamond Kings and really want to see one signed in black sharpie. Yelich really impressed me during the WBC so maybe I will try to get him on this one:
Lots of rookies and prospects:
All these were .03! Three cents for Haniger and Renfroe RC's? DEAL! I really enjoy watching McCullers pitch.

.03 cents a piece.

Finally a Trevor Story RC.
And the legends:

Wish the Scherzer was for Detroit. Wish he was still a Tiger.

The basketball cards are clear, very cool up close.

Great Knuckin' deal on these gems!

If only I had this Morris 2 months ago. It would have looked so sweet with my '78 Rookie Project.

Just in case my son gets into collecting. (His name is Nolan)

Overall, I had a good haul of cards and this is just highlights of the 500+ cards I took home. The nickel box I spent most of my time in was really 5 different sets and rarely any wax but if you bought 33 cards it they were $1. That dude's quarter boxes were ten cents if you bought 50. I made out pretty well. I did pick up some mystery items for AJ and Oscar to add to their contest prize envelopes  boxes. I will get those out to you guys on payday this Friday. I am excited to get this stuff to you guys and hope its all new for you.
This weekend is the "Garage Sale Trail" on the coast near me that is a super long string of garage sales. I hope to find some goodies on that and maybe even hit a show too. We'll see.