Monday, July 10, 2017

Mail Day! Some new Detroit Tiger pick ups

Stadium Club Members Only card of my 2 favorite players growing up. Only the club members got this card back in the day. I learned about this card from the Dub Mentality   blog. Check it out.

My blog is getting hot and heavy as I have reason and somehow time to post everyday. I got a great stack of bubblemailers and PWE's today and brought them inside safely from the monsoon outside. I will warn you now; I did get more Panini stuff. I already feel guilty as if I crossed the striking line but who knows how this autopen crap will play out?
Three thoughts I had today while ripping this stuff open:
1. Dudes are still not using painters tape or safer methods for sealing top loaders. If it happens to you, politely enlighten the sender. We can all make the hobby better with positive constructive feedback.
2. Every card transaction should contain bonus cards. I don't care if its eBay or a trade, when sending cards take an extra second to toss in something as a bonus. I did it when I was selling on eBay 100% of the time. Sometimes I'd send a auto or relic card to someone who bought a common from me for 99 cents. Most of the time it was a pleasant surprise for the recipient and it brought them back to me. If you enjoy receiving little bonuses, send them out.
3. Nick Castellanos is ONLY A MONTH older than Aaron Judge and has played in 508 career games. Now, I know Judge is tearing it up but Nick has been around for a long time already. One good rookie year doesn't get you in the Hall. If you are looking to invest in players, Castellanos is still crazy young (25 years young) and has an average players career numbers behind him. Just a thought.
Now the rest of the cardboard porn in order of opening:

Not numbered and pretty common but I needed something other than a basic bowman Manning.
Along the same lines, Burrows is gonna be something special.
Adding to my McCann collection.
Blastellanos is gonna have some great career numbers without showing up on anybody's radar.
/149, /149, /299 respectively
5X7 not numbered but begging for an autograph across it

/199 Once I get an auto from this dude I may hold off on buying him for a while until he shows something more.

/4000 Picked up for my bro.

Look at those good looks. No wonder supermodels flock to him.
Bonus Cards

Bonus Card

More unexpected bonus cards. Now I HATE Nelson Cruz and don't care for Ryan Braun but I do love the Topps Game Cards nonetheless.


  1. I have Castellanos on my fantasy team (it's a deep league). He hasn't quite taken the leap this year that I expected after injury cut last year short. Like you said, he's still young, but worried he might end up being this current version of himself...which isn't bad, it's just not great either. Maybe he'll have a big second half.

    1. I have him too with the same thoughts. Just waiting for something to click to get him to the next level.

  2. this is so great! i love seeing all these Tiger cards! I have many of the same ones. McCann is a favorite of mine and my best friend hoards Nick C. I've come to love Panini. Original designs, affordable autos and relics. good stuff here!!! thanks for sharing!