Monday, July 3, 2017

Flash Back RePack Box Break - Walmart $14.95 box

The draw to opening packs is the mystery they hold. Opening repack boxes doubles that anxious curiosity. I bought a repack box from Walmart for $15 that boasted one hobby pack guaranteed and a single card bonus in 1:4 boxes. Here are the contents:
Excuse the post-ride dog hair.
The stars and stripes was the hobby pack. I could take or leave the other packs. The draft pics don't hold signatures on the cards and they were retail packs of 4 cards. The 2014 Topps were okay, the Babe Ruth packs were junk and the Triple Play that I received an unnecessary 4 packs of are fun but hold no value inside. I should have known I would receive nothing great when the box contained a one-touch card protector. I am assuming that is in lieu of an actual hit card in any pack. Here are the cards I found interesting:
A good pull on a great player but it would never hold ink for a TTM so its trade bait.

Pretty cool Big Mac

The Speedster rookie card in retail blue variation. I love that this card reflects who he is as a player.

More trade bait. Another great player.

The down side of buying old packs. Obviously an unforeseen future.

At least got a Miggy card. The only Tigers card I pulled from the box.

Schwarbs is the man. I don't care if he bats .035 he'd be on my team in any playoff scenario.

Older Yoenis card. This guy has all the tools to be one of the all time greats but something deep down inside him holds him back. I thought the mlb logo on the jersey was a strange placing.

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  1. "Schwarbs is the man." Darn right - he's been in a bit a rough patch, but he'll be back to terrorize pitchers soon enough!