Saturday, July 29, 2017

Fire Sales and Trades PLUS; My new-ish PC: Mark Fidrych


I don't expect anyone to notice such things as subtle changes to my blog. Especially after the reality check of doing a contest with two contestants. But, a little while back my top intro changed to include "PC: Mark Fidrych." I won't go into who he was or what he meant to fans, you either already know or can have the magic of discovering this great, recently passed man for yourself. Instead, I will just say; I am now trying to collect every Fidrych card made. One copy of each that is, I'm no Tim Wallach Collector. Now, when I was a kid I liked to think I was collecting every card of Cecil Fielder, Jose Canseco, and Nolan Ryan. Sadly, as I returned to collecting I found guys who don't even play let alone breathe anymore still have dozens of cards introduced constantly. So, recently I have had no interest in trying to complete a player collection just collecting cards I like of players I enjoy. That's when I stumbled into a few vintage Fidrych cards and looked at his checklist. Its not too bad. If I am going to collect someone thoroughly I should choose someone who doesn't have the attention a Ryan or Canseco get every year. So, with that typed; I am attempting to hoard Mark Fidrych cards. I have a good start that I may post sometime soon. For now, here is my favorite picture of any athlete ever taken:

Here is my most recent Bird pickup:
Dirty scanner + scratched top loader shot.
I can't stop looking at the so called "Fire Sales" posted in facebook groups. I have purchased a few cards through them when the price is right. It was definitely right on this card at $12. I tried getting an older Fidrych auto card a while back at a card show but the guy wouldn't budge on $50. I'll have to settle on this for now and someday I'll find a certified auto on a vintage card.

New Pick Ups

This poorly scanned Prince Fielder relic card is 1/3. Needless to say I would love to have the other two and maybe someday I will find them. I snagged this card in a trade with a dude on facebook that started with his interest in a basketball card. I gave up a ton of Tiger cards and good ones at that but this card is my greatest Prince card. It looks better in person.

This Diamond Anniversary Andy Dirks RC caught my eye in an instagram post. There were about 25 cards in the picture from some newby to the online trading world looking for trade partners. I bit and sent him some Dodgers for this gem.

Another bad scan. The card is sweet.
This is another card from the same "Fire Sale" as the Fidrych. I am a huge Richie Sexson fan and have always wanted an auto of his. The price was right again.

This may be the buy of the century for me on singles: $1.50 to my door. Why not add a relic card of one of the greatest players of all time for that price?!

Sorting City

Thank goodness for this back saving bar for sorting.

I have to make due with random shoe and amazon boxes until I strike it rich and can afford card holding boxes for each team.

I am very blessed to have an amazing wife who not only puts up with my cardboard affliction but lets me use our big basement to spread them out to bask in them. I have been doing a ton of sorting down to teams and am looking for new trades whenever.


  1. Nice sorting project. Organization feels good.

    I really like that Fielder patch. Nice pick up!

  2. i love the Bird! he was an amazing man as well as a great talent. i still tear up when i recall how he died. gone much too soon. if i come across any extra Fids, I'll save them for you. Looks like a great sort-a-thon there, enjoy!!!