Sunday, July 23, 2017

Contest results and a TTM return. Plus, BLOGGING KARMA: The good side of the blogging culture.


So I haven't posted this week so that my contest question post would be on top of my site hoping more people would get into the conversation. I only had 2 commenters on my contest which is disappointing but I loved hearing their takes on the question. It partially accomplished what I had hoped in that the comments I got changed my ideas of the topic. I thought I would have a smaller collection but I would probably have a bigger one. They were great answers and both dudes will be getting great prize packages from me for participating. I really appreciate The Lost Collector and All Trade Bait, All The Time taking the time to comment. I had hoped the contest would add another aspect to the blog other than just a display of the cards I gather like some actual discussion or open conversations but it was just the first pitch. I get two more failures before I'm out right? The two guys that commented produce two of my favorite blogs that I visit every night in case they have updated. Definitely check them out.

Blogging Karma

So next order of business is a PWE I received from P-Town Tom from the blog Eamus Catuli! There's another tab to open on your browser and add to your favorites. Tom generously sent me some cards as a thank you. He picked up this Sparky Anderson ⍐ card from his LCS. Sparky, as I explained to Tom, is like the Godfather of Tigers baseball around here. This card goes directly into my most cherished lock and key box of treasures. Thanks again Tom!
He wasn't done there either, he tossed in this sweet Miggy ⍗ and Kinsler ⍗ cards I didn't have!

There is a culture that has been made with some of these good guy bloggers. Guys do trades and buy cards from each other but there is a bit of a brotherhood feeling to a lot of these dudes that have PWE's full of goodies keeping mailmen around the country busy because a guy pulled a card that he knows will make someone else's day. Its a pretty cool community that has been built here based on what goes around comes around as sending gifts one way can give you good blog karma and meaningful little plain white envelopes like this one.

I smiled like Ian here when I opened this PWE!

TTM Return: Bronson Arroyo


Next, I received a return from Bronson Arroyo ↑. I had sent him an Allen and Ginter card during Spring Training and got this back last week. I don't know if he usually sends these out and keeps the cards sent to him or if there was a mix up but I always say; its better to receive something rather than nothing. I love watching the Arroyo leg kick when he's on the mound.

So for my TTM year here are my stats:

110 Sent out 95% during ST
10 Returned signed
2 Were donations so almost automatic
3 Rejections

I still can't believe I haven't hit 10% success for my year. That is a lot of wasted stamps. Close to 50 of them were within the Tigers organization and if you look at the Detroit Tigers Foundation page on their website they now say they are "updating soon" the list of fees for signatures. I am guessing 48 of my TTM requests will be returned to me with donation request forms.





Catching Up

Its pretty obvious I need to clean my scanner. This dog hairy JaCoby Jones ↑ was the last of my purchases of him for a bit. I have invested a bit and am awaiting some kind of return. I also won a facebook contest for the all star game which I think I mentioned in an earlier post. I am still receiving packages for winning that. I am 3 packages short of what I was supposed to receive so I hope they all come but they are prizes. I can't be too mad that free stuff hasn't been sent to me yet. I just don't like the idea of guys posting prizes and getting the recognition as good Admins for a group and not actually following through. Here are some of the cards I have been given from that so far:


  1. Thanks for the contest!

    Weird about the Arroyo - I wonder if it's a mix up, or if he's doing that will all his returns.

  2. Same, thanks for the contest.
    I dig that vintage Hiller auto card, and I'm not even a Tigers fan.

  3. P-Town Tom - he is a great guy, and trader pal! Both of your commenters above are good men too. Traded with them as well. I'll be reading your blog now, you can count on it!