Sunday, July 9, 2017

Card Show! Dimebox Digging at its Finest. Box Breaking Nostalgia

Today I hit the local card show with my brother and nephew. It was my brother's first card show and he knows now the limit a 4 year old can be put to sitting in a chair while we rifled through boxes. Poor kid. I really had no game plan going in which made for some very random purchases. Here is what I took home:

First of, both my brother and I were on tight budgets but wanted to get into some kind of hobby box. The price was too good to pass on the 2013 Hometown Heroes. I am a little embarrassed to post Panini products in light of the recent issues with the company and its autographs but we didn't have Topps Museum money. We did well with this product nonetheless. I bought three packs out of the box from him. The funny thing is the box boasted 3 autos. He opened all his packs and pulled 3 autos so I figured my packs were junk but I ended up pulling the best auto we got. Must have been a relatively hot box.

Here are the 3 autos he pulled. Petry is a hometown guy for us for sure. Under further research so is Moreland. Actually,  Keith Moreland had a hell of a 1987 with league MVP type numbers for the Cubs. Lo Duca was a great catcher for sure. The auto not shown is Ruben Sierra, a favorite of both of us growing up.
Pulled a few variations from my packs and some rookies!

I also talked myself into a box of 1991 Upper Deck for pocket change. I also grabbed 4 jumbo packs of 1992 Upper Deck, my favorite set of all time. Here are the highlights of breaking that entire box today:

Oh, that takes me back!

Nice Pedro RC from one of the packs. I already have this graded 10.

Every pack in the box held a hologram sticker. The count: 24 Yankees, 2 National League, 2 American League, 2 Twins?! I am thinking these boxes may have been packed regionally.

I got multiples of these future Superstars!

The Ryan was midpack but damaged. The Fielder is my second favorite card of all time!
I was unfamiliar with these Homerun Heroes style inserts. Must be a jumbo pack thing.

There are always those boxes or sets that you want but are always available so you never pull the trigger. The Baseball Grossouts were amazing when I was a kid so I bought a box for $1.

Three different packagings for packs. Such beautiful colors and artwork. I'll keep these packed up for a while. Maybe save them for Nolan when he's old enough to care.

I spent $8 on a hobby pack of Gypsy Queen and a Ryon Healy RC was the best card. I am ashamed to say I can't tell the difference in Retail and Hobby packs and couldn't find it on Google on the spot, so I trusted that what was sitting in the box display was indeed the original packs from the hobby box and not retail blaster packs placed in a hobby display box.

I also bought 2 "grab bags" that potentially held different items including hometown superstar autos or cash but guaranteed at least one autographed card. Here are the autos I pulled:

Here is some of the dimebox stuff I picked up and some other junk:
Big Daddy 4X6!

Brent Dlugach was a big deal for about 5 minutes in Detroit. I am a bit worried JaCoby Jones is headed the same direction. I thought this card was cool and discovered it was signed on the back too when I got home. Weird.

Finnegan was a beast his rookie year late in the season. 

Anybody remember the year Chris Shelton started off on pace for like 100 homeruns on the season?

I thought this Seager card looked cool. It looks a bit busy now that I'm looking at it again.

I would have signed on the eyebrow.

Can't go to a show without getting at least one Canseco, Fielder, and Ryan.

This Jim Price card looked like it could tell some stories. I bought it mostly for the wear on it. Classic.

Pat Burrell was a masher for a long time. I thought this card looked sweet.

The "other" Fielder in my house.

Needed some kind of Hudson relic. Such domination. Probably still throwing somewhere.

Thought the piece of court was jersey until I got home. Still a cool card.

Will Rhymes will be a favorite second baseman of mine forever. A less successful, quieter Dustin Pedroia.

No idea what this Sonny Gray card is but it looks cool.

Those are some of the highlights. I came home with a good haul. I hope we can do it again next month and really crush the dimeboxes.


  1. The Sonny Gray was an insert in last year's Archives, I believe.

  2. You got all that with a 4-year-old in tow?! I'm impressed. I went to an LCS with my 5-year-old two weeks ago and couldn't do a thing.

    1. We double teamed it. Took turns one at a time keeping the kid amused and then ourselves.

  3. you made excellent you of your time and dimes! i have a box of GrossOuts too. I'm a gal with a sense of humor.