Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Adrian Beltre TTM Return!

I got a sweet return by a man who goes by many names but I call him "The Groom with a Broom." He cleans up at 3rd base and when he gets down on one knee its a homerun. Stupid nickname to give him maybe, but he is a beast. Baseball needs to celebrate it's players' unique and often fun personalities; or else why not just create a bunch of robots to watch play baseball? Lastly, before anybody comments about it being stamped: I DON'T GIVE A _ _ _ _! If Lou Gehrig stamped cards when he played we would all be begging for those. I will take a stamped card over a RTS or no card returned at all any day. It looks better than half the dying sharpie bubble autos we constantly receive. I am very thankful he took the time to return my card and I will cherish it like the others.


  1. Yup, you said it. The thrill of the return makes the journey worth it :)

  2. great nickname! a card to treasure for sure!