Saturday, July 15, 2017

2017 Stadium Club

I was able to sneak to the LCS while "getting groceries" to see what was new. The counters were all taken up with people cracking into 2017 Stadium Club boxes. I didn't see anything too great come out of them except one fat kid pulled a chrome Omar Vizquel, called it junk, and then refused to trade/sell it to me. I would have offered him a box of twinkies but he didn't want to barter. Anyway, I bought one pack of Stadium Club to be like the cool kids. $8.00!  I saw someone else post about paying 6 or 7 and thought it was kind of funny. I got taken, that's what I get. Anywho, I did pull the one card I wanted most out of the set:

Still waiting for this guy to explode.
 Here are the other two cards worth mentioning from the set:

Sickest RC ever!

I keep trading Sanchez but he probably has a better chance of being HOF than Judge being a catcher and Judge having such little time played for how old he is.
 I can't wait to get my hands on some 5X7's of this set! Also, I have been to numerous stores countless times and have yet to see ANY Bowman Platinum or Stadium Club other than at the LCS. I am awaiting a few trade packages and a bunch of packages of Tigers stuff I won in Homerun Derby and All Star Game contests on Facebook.


  1. love that JaCoby! so many great shots in St Club this year. as great as St Club is - it's overpriced. too many basic inserts and dupes.