Monday, July 17, 2017

Card Collecting CONTEST Question #1: What if...

Why not have a contest, eh? I often think about the state of the hobby and a ton of "what ifs" pop into my mind. I wonder what everyone else thinks. If this catches on I may start to blow your mind often with goofy questions like this one...


 What if the internet was invented 10 years sooner? 

Here is a little brain teaser to help you daydream about cards for a while (as if we don't already). What if the internet was around in the late 80's to early 90's? Now I know it was "invented" in 1983 and progressed from there. I mean how it is today; everywhere. What would your collection look like if ebay debuted in 1984? Would you be a millionaire from hot wax pulls? What would the hobby itself even look like? Now, before this looks too much like a 10th grade history class essay question, here are some of my thoughts without getting too far into this.

I don't think I would have a Cecil Fielder, Jose Canseco, and Nolan Ryan collection like I do today. I would have been too young to afford cards of those guys. On the other hand, I could have traded world wide and not just with my brother. I am assuming card companies would have progressed faster and more serial numbered, relic, and auto cards would exist so all those players would have relics and autos that I wouldn't have been able to afford. I also assume card companies would have exploited the collector with ridiculous 1/1 cards and digital daily cards way sooner. You almost have to look into the current future because everything would have advanced 10 years. What will collecting look like in 10 years? But that is a whole 'nother question for another time.


Think about the question and give me a few thoughts in the comments. I'll send the best one something cool. Contest ends 07/23/2017 at 12pm EST. Check back after this time to see if you won. Winner please click my contact info and email me your favorite player/team and address if I don't already have your email address. Good Luck.

Images stolen from Google search because, well, the internet let me do it.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

2017 Stadium Club

I was able to sneak to the LCS while "getting groceries" to see what was new. The counters were all taken up with people cracking into 2017 Stadium Club boxes. I didn't see anything too great come out of them except one fat kid pulled a chrome Omar Vizquel, called it junk, and then refused to trade/sell it to me. I would have offered him a box of twinkies but he didn't want to barter. Anyway, I bought one pack of Stadium Club to be like the cool kids. $8.00!  I saw someone else post about paying 6 or 7 and thought it was kind of funny. I got taken, that's what I get. Anywho, I did pull the one card I wanted most out of the set:

Still waiting for this guy to explode.
 Here are the other two cards worth mentioning from the set:

Sickest RC ever!

I keep trading Sanchez but he probably has a better chance of being HOF than Judge being a catcher and Judge having such little time played for how old he is.
 I can't wait to get my hands on some 5X7's of this set! Also, I have been to numerous stores countless times and have yet to see ANY Bowman Platinum or Stadium Club other than at the LCS. I am awaiting a few trade packages and a bunch of packages of Tigers stuff I won in Homerun Derby and All Star Game contests on Facebook.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Card Collecting Confusion: 2016 Topps Update Blaster Box

I have talked to a lot of collectors like me who were baseball card crazy in the 80's and 90's and lost interest a little after that. Whether we found girls or other hobbies to invest out time or that baseball hit a lull that didn't interest us, many of us have found our way back to our cardboard addictions. For me, I have come back with training wheels on. When I was a serious (as serious as a 12 year old can be) collector back in the 90's I understood the hobby. In those pre-internet to pre-ebay days the Beckett was your bible and everything was black and white so it seemed. Today's cards are beautiful but annoyingly complex. Collectors in my opinion are taken advantage of by card companies with an noncollectable amount of variations. Rookie cards used to be when a guy put in enough time in the bigs, now Bowman cards throw high school kids on cards just to have the first card out of mostly never big league players. Anyway, that is way more bitching than I like to post. Check out The Lost Collector for a much better description of how us returning collectors feel.

I say all this because recently I grabbed a blaster box of 2016 Topps Update. It was marked 25% off so I bit. I was confused by a lot of the cards. Here are some pulls:

These Seager cards are of great confusion to me. One is a RC, one is not? They are from the same box, the same pack actually. What's the deal? How many Seager cards are even in this set and why?

Now Mazara who looks to be a great up and comer for Texas. Why two cards that celebrate the same thing?

Why do some RC's contain two players? So Seager gets a handful of RC variations and Dae-Ho Lee gets 1/2?

Couldn't they find a Berrios picture of him doing something else? Why make two cards almost the same and just turn one?

I thought these inserts looked sweet!

Another insert set.

A nice Gold Numbered RC

The Fire inserts are awesome but too common.

A lot of the photos rival Stadium Club.

Rainbow foil or refractor or something like that.

Awesome photo of Trumbo.

Heavy-ass medallion card.
Strange Franklin advertising card.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Mail Day! Some new Detroit Tiger pick ups

Stadium Club Members Only card of my 2 favorite players growing up. Only the club members got this card back in the day. I learned about this card from the Dub Mentality   blog. Check it out.

My blog is getting hot and heavy as I have reason and somehow time to post everyday. I got a great stack of bubblemailers and PWE's today and brought them inside safely from the monsoon outside. I will warn you now; I did get more Panini stuff. I already feel guilty as if I crossed the striking line but who knows how this autopen crap will play out?
Three thoughts I had today while ripping this stuff open:
1. Dudes are still not using painters tape or safer methods for sealing top loaders. If it happens to you, politely enlighten the sender. We can all make the hobby better with positive constructive feedback.
2. Every card transaction should contain bonus cards. I don't care if its eBay or a trade, when sending cards take an extra second to toss in something as a bonus. I did it when I was selling on eBay 100% of the time. Sometimes I'd send a auto or relic card to someone who bought a common from me for 99 cents. Most of the time it was a pleasant surprise for the recipient and it brought them back to me. If you enjoy receiving little bonuses, send them out.
3. Nick Castellanos is ONLY A MONTH older than Aaron Judge and has played in 508 career games. Now, I know Judge is tearing it up but Nick has been around for a long time already. One good rookie year doesn't get you in the Hall. If you are looking to invest in players, Castellanos is still crazy young (25 years young) and has an average players career numbers behind him. Just a thought.
Now the rest of the cardboard porn in order of opening:

Not numbered and pretty common but I needed something other than a basic bowman Manning.
Along the same lines, Burrows is gonna be something special.
Adding to my McCann collection.
Blastellanos is gonna have some great career numbers without showing up on anybody's radar.
/149, /149, /299 respectively
5X7 not numbered but begging for an autograph across it

/199 Once I get an auto from this dude I may hold off on buying him for a while until he shows something more.

/4000 Picked up for my bro.

Look at those good looks. No wonder supermodels flock to him.
Bonus Cards

Bonus Card

More unexpected bonus cards. Now I HATE Nelson Cruz and don't care for Ryan Braun but I do love the Topps Game Cards nonetheless.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Card Show! Dimebox Digging at its Finest. Box Breaking Nostalgia

Today I hit the local card show with my brother and nephew. It was my brother's first card show and he knows now the limit a 4 year old can be put to sitting in a chair while we rifled through boxes. Poor kid. I really had no game plan going in which made for some very random purchases. Here is what I took home:

First of, both my brother and I were on tight budgets but wanted to get into some kind of hobby box. The price was too good to pass on the 2013 Hometown Heroes. I am a little embarrassed to post Panini products in light of the recent issues with the company and its autographs but we didn't have Topps Museum money. We did well with this product nonetheless. I bought three packs out of the box from him. The funny thing is the box boasted 3 autos. He opened all his packs and pulled 3 autos so I figured my packs were junk but I ended up pulling the best auto we got. Must have been a relatively hot box.

Here are the 3 autos he pulled. Petry is a hometown guy for us for sure. Under further research so is Moreland. Actually,  Keith Moreland had a hell of a 1987 with league MVP type numbers for the Cubs. Lo Duca was a great catcher for sure. The auto not shown is Ruben Sierra, a favorite of both of us growing up.
Pulled a few variations from my packs and some rookies!

I also talked myself into a box of 1991 Upper Deck for pocket change. I also grabbed 4 jumbo packs of 1992 Upper Deck, my favorite set of all time. Here are the highlights of breaking that entire box today:

Oh, that takes me back!

Nice Pedro RC from one of the packs. I already have this graded 10.

Every pack in the box held a hologram sticker. The count: 24 Yankees, 2 National League, 2 American League, 2 Twins?! I am thinking these boxes may have been packed regionally.

I got multiples of these future Superstars!

The Ryan was midpack but damaged. The Fielder is my second favorite card of all time!
I was unfamiliar with these Homerun Heroes style inserts. Must be a jumbo pack thing.

There are always those boxes or sets that you want but are always available so you never pull the trigger. The Baseball Grossouts were amazing when I was a kid so I bought a box for $1.

Three different packagings for packs. Such beautiful colors and artwork. I'll keep these packed up for a while. Maybe save them for Nolan when he's old enough to care.

I spent $8 on a hobby pack of Gypsy Queen and a Ryon Healy RC was the best card. I am ashamed to say I can't tell the difference in Retail and Hobby packs and couldn't find it on Google on the spot, so I trusted that what was sitting in the box display was indeed the original packs from the hobby box and not retail blaster packs placed in a hobby display box.

I also bought 2 "grab bags" that potentially held different items including hometown superstar autos or cash but guaranteed at least one autographed card. Here are the autos I pulled:

Here is some of the dimebox stuff I picked up and some other junk:
Big Daddy 4X6!

Brent Dlugach was a big deal for about 5 minutes in Detroit. I am a bit worried JaCoby Jones is headed the same direction. I thought this card was cool and discovered it was signed on the back too when I got home. Weird.

Finnegan was a beast his rookie year late in the season. 

Anybody remember the year Chris Shelton started off on pace for like 100 homeruns on the season?

I thought this Seager card looked cool. It looks a bit busy now that I'm looking at it again.

I would have signed on the eyebrow.

Can't go to a show without getting at least one Canseco, Fielder, and Ryan.

This Jim Price card looked like it could tell some stories. I bought it mostly for the wear on it. Classic.

Pat Burrell was a masher for a long time. I thought this card looked sweet.

The "other" Fielder in my house.

Needed some kind of Hudson relic. Such domination. Probably still throwing somewhere.

Thought the piece of court was jersey until I got home. Still a cool card.

Will Rhymes will be a favorite second baseman of mine forever. A less successful, quieter Dustin Pedroia.

No idea what this Sonny Gray card is but it looks cool.

Those are some of the highlights. I came home with a good haul. I hope we can do it again next month and really crush the dimeboxes.