Thursday, June 29, 2017

My first local card shop in 20 years!

My 1st LCS buy. Not anything impressive for anyone else but its a start.

 The last time I had a card shop local to me I was 12 years old. It was a magical place I started frequenting as a child any time I could. It molded my passion for collecting cards.
Today, I was out running errands and saw a shop called GRAND SLAM SPORTS that I had seen when I searched for local shops. Most of the "card shops" around me are pawn shops or antique dealers with a handful of cards they know nothing about in a glass case next to some fake Rolex's. I am over the moon happy to find a real brick and mortar shop. I could have spent hours in it but had my tired 2 year old son with me so I spent a whole 5 minutes. I quickly spent $4 on 4 cards and left. I will return as soon as I can and hopefully spend some real time there and pick up some treasures.

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  1. I know these guys too. Dave has taken over the store. There's also a nice shop in Downtown Rochester. Both shops have different inventories. Have fun!