Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Miguel Cabrera = Wallet bait for the Tigers

The Miggy 8X10 I received on accident.

There is some crazy shit on the internet. Recently, I found the craziest. The Detroit Tigers (bless their hearts) used to do run an autograph for donation deal on their website. In fact, the 2016 version is still posted on their homepage under the Detroit Tiger Foundation heading in the Community tab. I reached out to them to see if they still run this program they are promoting on their website and they did not respond. If you tried sending TTM requests to the Tigers in past years you used to receive your crap back with a donation form for this program in return. Whatever, I get it, it makes money for different foundations supposedly. Many of the names listed for autographs on the current page haven't been Tigers for a while.
Anyway, years ago I used this program to get a Miguel Cabrera autograph. It cost me $60 and I sent them an 8X10 of a picture I took of Miggy in 2006 and they sent me back a very clean looking autographed 8X10 but NOT my picture. So they either tossed mine in the trash for whatever reason or sent it to somebody else on accident. It pissed me off and I have never used the service for an autograph again.
Recently this has popped up on the Detroit Tigers site:
So now $250 might get your baseball card signed. Also, notice it does not say any money is going to charity. I guess if you can't win games and sell tickets you whore out your players. I am appalled at the very notion of this and am so disappointed in the team for it. I know most Tigers "fans" are 90% pessimists and always have something to bitch about but I haven't been on that band wagon until now. This is unbelievable. They couldn't even send me the right item back years ago and won't return an email and they expect anyone to cough up $250 when his signature will be $35 after he retires and does the trade show rounds?! I am so confused and mad at the Tigers for so many reasons this year its crazy. My neck is tired from shaking my head so long.


  1. Wow, that's a big chunk of change to plop down for a TTM auto. Especially one with no mention of a charity. Yikes!

  2. i saw that too. He makes too much money to need $250 a signature. i guess it ensures no profit for anyone wanting to flip it. hate it.