Tuesday, June 20, 2017

International Man of Mystery: Carlos Guillen (Donruss Fail)

Will the real Carlos Guillen please stand up? I am not sure whether its because the Tigers were terrible in '05 or that all baseball players look the same to Donruss but neither of these gentlemen is Carlos Guillen. It happens probably more often than we realize, players pictured erroneously displayed as someone else. Unless you scrutinize every card you look at you may never find one. Somehow I came across two picture errors of the same player from the same year who is being passed as two different players. You can't make this stuff up. I like to think that Carlos Guillen had something better to do on picture day so Omar Infante and Alex Sanchez covered for him by posing as him. I almost took the card on the left to have Infante sign it but I wasn't sure if he would be insulted by Donruss dissing him or thinking I didn't know his name. Infante should be well known while having a decent career between Atlanta and Detroit and he performed well during Spring Training for the Tig's this year. Sanchez was just another player on the horrible early Comerica Park Tiger teams.
"You've got the wrong guy!"
I was the typical Tiger fan when it came to Guillen; loved him when he hit and dreaded hearing his name when he wasn't. Overall, I liked to watch him hit and it seemed to me he hit well when he used a two-toned bat compared to an all black one. I may have been the only one to notice that or I may have made it up in my head.

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