Monday, June 19, 2017

Disappointed in my Disappointment: A TTMer's life.

 I finally made it to my receiving address to pick up any mail I had from the last 8 weeks. I received ZERO TTM returns in those 8 weeks. I have received 10/106 so far since spring training. Two of those I had to pay for from retired players and a few others were returned unsigned. I haven't had this bad of a lull before, is this normal? Should I be worried my mail isn't getting back to me? Is someone sniping my returns? As the title says, I am disappointed in how disappointed I am getting. TTM autos are a crap shoot at best and I should be so lucky to have anybody take the time to return my cards. It is very disheartening when I see guys posting returns from Cam Maybin and some others from TTM and I have sent to them and nothing has come back. Maybe spring training isn't a good time to write.

One of two bright spots for items I did receive was this JD Martinez 5x7 I dropped off at DC Sports to have signed. I was disappointed again to find they did not send it back to me in the top loader I provided and the card has a large crease toward the top. I contacted them and they have offered all my money back in store credit. Though it sucks my card was trashed a little, they made it right by me without having to bitch too much. I appreciate what they do and still have confidence they will treat my items well in the future as they have in the past.
The damage is obvious in person.
Anybody want me?
I also received this copy of The Show '17 for PS4. I won this in a texting sweepstakes at the Jack Morris signing I went to. I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Show and have every copy ever made and used to take the day off on release day to play all day. I do not however have a PS4 and there is not one on my horizon so if anyone wants this game and wants to trade some cards for it message me. I'll give you a great deal. It physically makes me sick looking at it and not being able to play it.

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