Friday, June 30, 2017

Another sweet trade! P-Town Tom hooking me up

I found another great trade partner in P-Town Tom from one of the best collecting blogs I have found; Eamus Catuli!  I sent him some Kerry Wood and Cubs cards and received a box full of Detroit treasures! Here is a very small sampling of the loaded box I was sent:
First some jumbos! I love these. I had the Freehan but this one is cut way better than the one I had.

I have kept an eye out for this card for a while now and didn't expect to get it in a trade. Its a masterpiece.

Remember the name. This dude is gonna be huge.

A Mr. Tiger I have never seen before.

My favorite card of all time!

Sweet, sweet Blastellanos relic!
 Just a very small sampling of a huge pile from a great trade!


  1. Wow, P-Town Tom making us Cubs fans look good - that's one heckuva trade package! Love those Exhibits, in particular.

  2. Thanks for the trade Paul! I'm glad most of the Exhibit panels were new to you!

  3. I had the Freehan one but it was cut by someone cross-eyed. It was a definite upgrade!

  4. Exhibits are nice. Awesome stuff from Tom!