Sunday, April 16, 2017

Tigers Return

Tyler Collins has come a long way from the call up that gave all the fans the bird a while ago. I love the guy's lefty pop and when he turns on a pitch he can leave the park in a hurry. The auto on this card fits perfectly and looks awesome. I sent to a TON of Tigers players past, present and farm club and its crazy to me I have only had 2 come back so far. Its always strange to me which cards come back signed, which ones come back RTS or not at all and which ones come back like the Yu Darvish I sent out and now Elvis Andrus too:

I received another preprinted card from Andrus like I did years ago. This may be a Texas thing, I don't know. I saw somebody on Instagram got one from Lucroy and that makes 3 Rangers that send these out. I sent to Spring Training and have always wanted an Andrus return but will have to continue waiting.

I got a RTS from the Brewers spring training for Joba Chamberlain on a card I sent. I know it reached Spring Training while he was there and I had also sent him a very special ball that he handed me years ago that I pray is in his possession and will be returned, signed or not. We'll see I guess. I will always be a huge fan of Joba and really hope this isn't the end of his career.

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  1. I got the same RTS from Joba. I've tried him a few times in his post-Yankees years and never got him. Was hoping that he'd sign as an invite to Brewers camp, but haven't seen anything. Maybe he'll latch on with another team on a minor league deal, or maybe even independent ball.