Friday, April 7, 2017

SUPER Trade!

I'm really getting into this online trading thing. I am running low on trade bait so I need to do something to build up some product. I recently completed a trade with The Daily Dimwit a blogger I follow who has a magic touch and pulls amazing cards. Check out his blog for sure. He sent me some great cards and awesome bonuses for some Houston Astros cards. Here are the highlights I am super excited about:

Love this McCann /25! The Bondo was a bonus card. Some bonus!

Better pic of that Viquel gem!
I'm listening to Opening Day right now on the radio. Had tickets but my buddy's daughter is sick. If he doesn't go, I don't go. He's that kind of friend. We'll make it up very soon. Go Tigers!

1 comment:

  1. great Omar. I've like him for many years not only for the talent but his humor. At least I think it's humor. He once referred to himself in an interview as "a handsome shortstop."