Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Incoming gems. Online trades and a card show.

Above is a small sampling of cards I traded for and purchased at the last card show. Below is an interesting Bill Freehan card I guess you would call it. I thought it would fit in nicely with the 5X7's I'm collecting.

Next, I completed a trade with a gentleman who had bought a number of Pirates cards from me on Ebay. I gave up on Ebay as the fees and difficult customers pissed me off too bad. But this dude named Nathan was a good customer so I offered to send him a package of Pittsburgh stuff if in return he would send me some Tiger stuff. The guy sent me an amazing package that I fear was way better than what I sent him. Now, he received my package first before he sent me one so its probably just my "homer" tiger fan thinking. Anyway, below is a small sample of some of the treasures from what he sent me.

This trade was so much fun I already have another one set up with another guy. This one was 100% mystery as we didn't tell each other what was coming. My next trade is all spelled out but I am sending bonus cards and I am pretty sure he is too. I'll post what I get...

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