Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Well as expected with choosing such big names to send to I got a rejection from Rick Nash for the first reject return. I also received my Freddie Freeman RTS but sent it knowing 99% of Braves spring training mail gets returned. I probably have a load to pick up at my delivery address and won't be able to get them until this weekend. I'm hoping for a good thick stack of fresh ink returns. I've also sent out a some more:

SENT 3/6/17
1.    Wily Mo Pena Indians
2.    Anibal Sanchez Tigers
3.    Josh Hamilton Rangers Salty Dual Card I posted earlier
4.    David Price Red Sox
5.    Joba Chamberlain Brewers
6.    Jacob Turner Nationals
7.    David Wright Mets

I'm probably bugging Joba by now but the guy is so cool I just needed another item hopefully signed. I've also ventured out to see what other people have been doing for baseball card related blogs. There have been one or two I follow but I never really dug around for any good ones. I found this very useful site: http://bdj610scblogroll.blogspot.com/ which led me one way or antoher to: http://www.thedailydimwit.com/
a fellow cardboard addict and Nolan Ryan enthusiast who's blog is uniquely humorous making it much more entertaining than most. I share the same sense of humor so that makes it all the better. 

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  1. I sent to Wily Mo Pena too...no return. I actually got a spring training success from him in '98 or '99 when he was with the Yanks. I guess 18 years later, not so lucky...