Monday, March 27, 2017

Box Breaks and Classic Cards


I love, love, love these heritage '68 Topps card game remake cards. They look terrific. I've only pulled the three above but talk about some good pulls. I am contemplating sending the Renfroe for a TTM signature. The Kaline I got for a steal off eBay. Its an original 1968 card and you can see they were a little smaller.



I am so broke its ridiculous but I have the craving to get into box breaks. I won a spot in a Bowman one on facebook when their 2016 set came out and got decent cards. That hooked me though in the "first one is always free" crack dealer sort of way. I found a .99 Detroit Tiger team break available on eBay from a guy who had good feedback and thought what the heck. It was for 2015 Diamond Kings and if I added 2.67 he would send me my commons. I thought that was a good deal as the cards look great and hold ink well and I am chasing a James McCann Relic/Auto for my PC so I added the facebook group and watched the break and didn't get any actual hits. Long story kinda short; he forgot to send me the commons so I messaged him. The guy's name is Clint and he is a great guy. He was very apologetic and offered to send me some Tiger commons from some other breaks that nobody wanted. I was very grateful for that and offered to up the shipping but he said just enjoy the group and jump in on some more breaks in the future. My package came from him a couple weeks later loaded with cards!
He even tossed in the Upton jersey card. There were hundreds of cards, many of which will be sent out and brought to games hoping for some ink. I HIGHLY recommend joining the facebook group DUDE Sports Displays and Breaks Group. Check it out for a while, watch some breaks and then join in. Its a great group and from what I have noticed its hard to find a break leader who is trustworthy but this Clint guy is top notch! Check out his eBay offerings too at Clintob2000.


  1. Al Kaline is great no matter what card he's on.
    I tried a few box breaks in the past and that's fun. You might try the guys over at Crackin' Wax. Very trustworthy, great guys and they frequently give break proceeds to charity, so their hearts are in the right place.

    1. Thanks for visiting and the heads up. I'll check them out for sure!