Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Like a Boomerang; Here They Come!

Here's the thing with the dates on my TTM's, I have them being sent to my parents house. I will not be living at this address much longer and don't want to miss out on a bunch of sends like I have before from moving. So, I do not have accurate (to the day) arrivals for anything I get back. I go pick them up when I can. Therefore, unlike other sites I won't post dates and lengths of returns.

This week I got my first couple of returns. First is an awesome card I have had forever of Wade Boggs. I have been a HUGE fan of Boggs since I can remember. I absolutely love this card. It is definitely one of my top 3 of my collection! He is so great for signing TTM's! Someday maybe I'll get to shake his hand.

How iconic is this card?

Next, I got a return from my favorite catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia. I wish he was still a Tiger but I got him to sign a Tiger card anyway. Its too bad I never got to see him play in Detroit while he was here. I hope he works his way back to being a starter soon.

The signature over the printed signature looks so awesome!

Third early return is from Ned Yost. I watched a interview with him from an all star game he managed that blew me away. The depth of which he analyzes things before making decisions and his compassion for players that aren't even his own is amazing. Truly should be considered baseball royalty. I sent two cards as I do once in a while with a note saying to please send one back and give the other to a kid but I don't think most people I send to have time to even read my letter. So, I have both now. I feel that selling TTM autos is terribly bad taste and disrespectful so I will probably hang on to the extra and give it away to somebody at some point who would cherish it like I will the other.

While waiting for more returns I've sent out a few more:
JK Simmons (actor)
Aubrey Plaza (actress)
Steven Moya Detroit Tigers 5X7 Card
Mike Pelfrey Detroit Tigers
Bill "Spaceman" Lee former Red Sox Pitcher

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