Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2017 Spring Training TTM Hopefuls

Here is my sent list so far this year. I've attacked spring training hard. A LOT of these are long shots and two of them I sent with a "donation." I sent a ball to Joba Chamberlain that he handed to me at old Yankee Stadium in it's last year. Its been 20 days and nothing yet. Not even RTS so that's a good sign. I'm excited to see who breaks the ice and returns first. I think its funny when you see who people send to and wonder why the hell they choose the people they do. I know I have some head-scratchers. I will try to explain the connections as they come back.

SENT 02/01/2017
1.    Wade Boggs Baseball HOFer $
2.    Dean Cain Celebrity Baseball Card
3.    Jaromir Jagr Hockey Panthers
4.    Andre Drummond Basketball Pistons
5.    Tim Hardaway Basketball Pistons

SENT 02/12/2017
1.    Rick Nash Hockey New York Rangers

SENT 02/14/2017
1.    Shane Greene Tigers
2.    James McCann Tigers
3.    Adam Wainwright Cardinals
4.    Lloyd McClendon Tigers
5.    Grayson Greiner Tigers
6.    Steven Moya Tigers
7.    Brad Ausmus Tigers
8.    Victor Martinez Tigers
9.    Justin Verlander Tigers
10.    Tyler Collins Tigers
11.    Nick Castellanos Tigers
12.    Daniel Norris Tigers
13.    JaCoby Jones Tigers
14.    Matt Boyd Tigers
15.    Omar Vizquel Tigers
16.    Miguel Cabrera Tigers
17.    Kris Bryant Cubs
18.    Charlie Blackmon Rockies
19.    Ned Yost Royals
20.    Ian Kinsler Tigers
21.    Edwin Jackson Padres
22.    Justin Upton Tigers
23.    Jordan Zimmermann Tigers
24.    Dusty Baker Nationals
25.    JD Martinez Tigers
26.    Clayton Kershaw Dodgers
27.    Cameron Maybin Angels
28.    Jon Lester Cubs
29.    Mark Trumbo Orioles
30.    Kyle Ryan Tigers
31.    Ichiro Suzuki Marlins
32.    Austin Jackson Indians
33.    Evan Longoria Rays
34.    Fransisco Liriano Blue Jays
35.    Rajai Davis A's
36.    Billy Butler Yankees
37.    Jake McGee Rockies
38.    Omar Infante Tigers
39.    Mike Gerber Tigers
40.    Logan Kensing Tigers
41.    Josh Hamilton Rangers
42.    Alex Avila Tigers
43.    Curtis Granderson Mets
44.    Jarrod Saltalamacchia Blue Jays
45.    Rick Porcello Red Sox
46.    Joe Mauer Twins
47.    Miguel Sano Twins
48.    Joba Chamberlain Brewers BALL

SENT 2/15/17
1.    Edward Mujica Tigers
2.    Angel Nesbitt Tigers
3.    Jeremy Hellickson Phillies
4.    Sonny Gray Athletics
5.    Yu Darvish Rangers
6.    Drew Pomeranz Red Sox
7.    Matt Moore Giants
8.    Zack Greinke Diamondbacks
9.    Jose Berrios Twins
10.    Lucas Giolito White Sox
11.    Jairo Labourt Tigers
12.    Al Kaline Tigers HOFer $

SENT 2/17/17
1.    Alex Bregman Astros
2.    Joc Pederson Dodgers
3.    Terry Francona Indians
4.    Phil Hughes Twins
5.    Kole Calhoun Angels
6.    Delino Deshields Jr. Rangers

SENT 2/18/17
1.    John Hicks Tigers

SENT 2/19/17
1.    Elvis Andrus Rangers
2.    Don Kelly Tigers
3.    Shin Soo Choo Rangers
4.    Ryan Braun Brewers

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