Monday, September 18, 2017

All Tigers; 2 TTM Returns and a nice pick up

Lots of Tiger Ink

First up is a Mike Rabelo XFractor I sent him TTM. I really liked Rabelo as our catcher and thought he would be similar to what Ausmus was for us behind the plate. Like most of the young Tigers I get attached to, he never got that chance. He may be filling Ausmus's shoes in another position soon if you know what I mean. Mr. Rabelo has proved himself an excellent Manager.

Mr. Gum Time himself; Nate Robertson signed the card I sent him and added his own. Interestingly, the same moment but different phtoto. Very cool! Nate was one of the players us "homers" loved to cheer for and still do.

TTM Totals so far 2017

I have been sending out a few TTM requests every now and then. So for this year so far.

136 Requests sent since Spring Training
2 Return to Senders
10 Donation Requests in return
21 Signed or preprinted returns

15% Success Rate

Feebay purchase

I picked up a new Castellanos RC with some extra paypal I had laying around. Pretty cool card only numbered /45 but has a sticker auto which is probably why it was attainable so cheaply.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

I'm on a Hot Streak like No Other! Aaron Judge Auto, Wax Boxes by the Pound

Bring your green hat!

For some of my older readers. Ray Stevens anybody?

 I really don't even know where to begin with this post. I do not have the best luck pulling valuable cards. Lately though I am on the hottest streak of my life only to run out of funds to keep it going. This may be a long tale but an amazing one if you take a few moments to read how my streak has gone down.
First, I went to my LCS and saw a pile waist high of old stained card boxes. A golden bounty in my garage sale picking eyes. Apparently, the story goes that some dude walked in with them and just left them. They weren't sorted by the shop yet and all the guy at the store could tell me was what sport they were. I told him I loved digging through old cards even if there isn't anything great to be found. He offered me roughly 30,000 cards in these old boxes for $40. I am not sure if the story is true at all but he said what he said. I told him I would think about it and for some very strange reason decided to buy two packs of Stadium Club for $15. Well as my new found luck would have it I pulled this...


I also had some other great cards in those two packs I will post later. Its funny how annoyed I've been with the whole Judge stock market game everyone else is playing and now I pull one. I figured I would pull one a year from now when nobody remembers him. A few months ago this would have been my ticket to a new car, but now that the market has gone soft I was still able to sell it within hours on feebay for $121.50. I was happy with that. I returned to the card store the next day and offered the guy $60 for the deal he offered me the day before on the old wax and to throw in a box of 2017 cards that was in the pile. He helped me load the car down and I have been in wax heaven ever since.


Don't judge the condition of my car too much I have a toddler and a dog I tote around everywhere and have been busy with a birthday party so I haven't had time to clean it out. I only had time to peek at the boxes the day I got them but found the bottom box in the bottom picture did not contain baseball. Instead it contained nothing but top loaded, some slabbed and all priced football cards. The guy at the store I am sure did not know what was in this box. Most of the cards are 1998-early 2000's but it looks as though this box was somebody's card show selling box. All the cards are priced and I have looked some up and they are worth a bit on ebay. Tons of rookies and numbered cards. I am not much of a football fan but I am a fan of treasure finds like this! My brother is going to help me go through the box and tell me whats there.  If anybody reading this collects football guys from the 1998-2006 era let me know who to look for for you.

Other than the accidental football card win there was the box of newer cards I paid extra for. It contained a ton of 2017 Bowman and Topps Archive. I figure the guy was picking them up and keeping the hits as there were no relics or autos. He did miss a few numbered cards though. Most of the rookies were there except the truly sought after 2 or 3 players. The Bowman cards are a mystery as there are probably 1000 cards but only 50 different ones and some have 6 dupes. They are all stars but I hope he didn't buy a hobby box and received that many duplicates. I can't really figure that one out. Here are some highlights of that box:

One example of the crazy doubles from the Bowman.


Gold numbered

Gold numbered

Gold Numbered


Gold Club Edition

I got this at the card shop just had to throw it in somewhere.

Gold that was in with the Judge card.


Both numbered

The newest popular Tiger.

Gold numbered

Random autographed hockey card!

Gold numbered

Here is an example of why I am not a fan of Bowman. The cards are all boring first of all. Second, this Josh Donaldson is a silver /499. The front and back have no difference from the regular base card other than a stamped serial number. What is the point?!

Moving on, box 3 we will call it had 50% 1993 and 1994 Stadium Club and then 1988-1990 bulk amounts of Donruss and Topps. It looked as though the original owner broke up a few complete sets but then I would run into dupes so I don't know what the guy was up to. Box 4 had some 1984 and 75% 1986 Topps. Box 5 had 99% 1987 Topps. Box 6 had 80% 1990 Upper Deck and a couple hundred Classic Best minor league cards with a few big names.  A lot of the cards were in order so they may have been attempted set builds. Here are some highlights from the rest of the boxes.

Super vintage. The only cards from the 1960's I found in the boxes.

This card was randomly sitting in the 1990 Upper Deck box. If anybody has any info on the card or the player please throw down a comment. 
Hundreds of Stadium Club cards and only one 1st Day card.

Found a handful of this card.

I honestly didn't know this card existed. Now I have 2. I want to get one signed in the worst way.

If you aren't familiar with Curtis Pride; educate yourself!

Wish this wasn't so poorly cut.

Obviously this is a TINY sampling of the thousands of cards. If anybody has any 1986 or 1987 Topps needs PLEASE let me know. I can probably build 3 sets of each to 95% completion.

Let's Trade!

This picture is the sorting of just the newer cards I received from the boxes. I now have gobs of team sorted cards for bulk trades if anyone is interested in some bulk whatever you like for Tigers bulk or even singles. Hit me up through email on my contact info link and we can work out a deal. I have newer stuff, older stuff, set building filler for '86 & '87 Topps, Stars, Rookies, whatever you need.