I recently took up the hobby of collecting autographs through the mail. I will update this blog as I collect.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Flash Back Pack 1989 Topps

I opened a pack of 1989 Topps last night and got these gems. Pretty good pack! I'm probably going to save the Ryn-O for a TTM auto. I've sent recently TTM auto requests to:

SENT 3/11/17
1.    Tyler Glasnow Pirates

SENT 3/14/17
1.    JaCoby Jones Tigers
2.    Andrew Miller Indians
3.    Orlando Arcia Brewers
4.    Ross Detwiler A's
5.    Jose Iglesias Tigers
6.    Chris Davis Orioles

SENT 3/22/17
1.    Mark McGwire Padres
2.    Clayton Kershaw Dodgers
3.    Jhonny Peralta Cardinals

SENT 3/23/17
1.    Joe Musgrove Astros
2.    Ian Kinsler Tigers
3.    JaCoby Jones Tigers
4.    Marcus Stroman Blue Jays

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Flash Back Pack 1988 Topps

I've had some old packs of cards sitting around and last night I got bored and decided to open one. A pristine pack of 1988 Topps. The gum wasn't the greatest but the cards are gorgeous and have that feel that cards lack nowadays. Here are the highlights.
If I was a Cincinnati collector I would have been ecstatic. The Kirby and Larkin cards are terrific nonetheless.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Super Return!

I finally made it up to my return address to pick up any new returns and found only one. Which is crazy when I see all these other guys getting multiple return days and I check after 2 weeks and only a single one. I hope I can trust my mail carrier... At least there were no RTS's I guess thats a good sign.

My returned card today is a huge one that equals 20 decent ones in my eyes. "Mr. Tiger" Al Kaline on a Gypsy Queen card. It got a little beat up from the back and forth but is a perfect, magnificent, gem masterpiece to me. I don't think there is any Tiger as important to a collection than Kaline, Cobb comes close. I am so glad I finally have a Kaline auto. Definitely need to do something special to display it.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I see a lot of guys having Trade Bait pages on their blogs. I want to keep this blog simple to navigate and straightforward but I might as well throw some stuff out there as a post. I don't believe in trading TTM autos but purchased/pulled cards are fair game. If anybody is interested in anything they see here message me, comment on the post, or email me at dionne.tribsports@gmail.com . Most of these are from collecting years ago before I took a break from it. I will post anything new I get as I start breaking boxes again.

Fabric of the Game Nolan Ryan is #'ed /25.

Derek Jeter is #'ed /1500.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Well as expected with choosing such big names to send to I got a rejection from Rick Nash for the first reject return. I also received my Freddie Freeman RTS but sent it knowing 99% of Braves spring training mail gets returned. I probably have a load to pick up at my delivery address and won't be able to get them until this weekend. I'm hoping for a good thick stack of fresh ink returns. I've also sent out a some more:

SENT 3/6/17
1.    Wily Mo Pena Indians
2.    Anibal Sanchez Tigers
3.    Josh Hamilton Rangers Salty Dual Card I posted earlier
4.    David Price Red Sox
5.    Joba Chamberlain Brewers
6.    Jacob Turner Nationals
7.    David Wright Mets

I'm probably bugging Joba by now but the guy is so cool I just needed another item hopefully signed. I've also ventured out to see what other people have been doing for baseball card related blogs. There have been one or two I follow but I never really dug around for any good ones. I found this very useful site: http://bdj610scblogroll.blogspot.com/ which led me one way or antoher to: http://www.thedailydimwit.com/
a fellow cardboard addict and Nolan Ryan enthusiast who's blog is uniquely humorous making it much more entertaining than most. I share the same sense of humor so that makes it all the better. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dunk You Very Much!

DC Sports has a few different locations here in Michigan and almost always has at least one signing going on or coming up. They had Detroit Pistons Reggie Jackson signing at their last one. Just like the Michael Fulmer signing, I couldn't attend but was able to submit a 5X7 card and had them send it to me after the event. I love these jumbo cards! I was holding my breath waiting to see if Reggie would be a Piston after the trade deadline. So glad we kept him.
Looks like a standard but this is a 5X7 and its AMAZING!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Like a Boomerang; Here They Come!

Here's the thing with the dates on my TTM's, I have them being sent to my parents house. I will not be living at this address much longer and don't want to miss out on a bunch of sends like I have before from moving. So, I do not have accurate (to the day) arrivals for anything I get back. I go pick them up when I can. Therefore, unlike other sites I won't post dates and lengths of returns.

This week I got my first couple of returns. First is an awesome card I have had forever of Wade Boggs. I have been a HUGE fan of Boggs since I can remember. I absolutely love this card. It is definitely one of my top 3 of my collection! He is so great for signing TTM's! Someday maybe I'll get to shake his hand.

How iconic is this card?

Next, I got a return from my favorite catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia. I wish he was still a Tiger but I got him to sign a Tiger card anyway. Its too bad I never got to see him play in Detroit while he was here. I hope he works his way back to being a starter soon.

The signature over the printed signature looks so awesome!

Third early return is from Ned Yost. I watched a interview with him from an all star game he managed that blew me away. The depth of which he analyzes things before making decisions and his compassion for players that aren't even his own is amazing. Truly should be considered baseball royalty. I sent two cards as I do once in a while with a note saying to please send one back and give the other to a kid but I don't think most people I send to have time to even read my letter. So, I have both now. I feel that selling TTM autos is terribly bad taste and disrespectful so I will probably hang on to the extra and give it away to somebody at some point who would cherish it like I will the other.

While waiting for more returns I've sent out a few more:
JK Simmons (actor)
Aubrey Plaza (actress)
Steven Moya Detroit Tigers 5X7 Card
Mike Pelfrey Detroit Tigers
Bill "Spaceman" Lee former Red Sox Pitcher

Friday, February 24, 2017


Man, looking back at all I sent out I lost out on either some sweet auto's or at least getting my cards back. I moved from that previous address and well over 40 of the cards I sent out never came back. Oh well. Somebody out there got a sweet surprise.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2017 Spring Training TTM Hopefuls

Here is my sent list so far this year. I've attacked spring training hard. A LOT of these are long shots and two of them I sent with a "donation." I sent a ball to Joba Chamberlain that he handed to me at old Yankee Stadium in it's last year. Its been 20 days and nothing yet. Not even RTS so that's a good sign. I'm excited to see who breaks the ice and returns first. I think its funny when you see who people send to and wonder why the hell they choose the people they do. I know I have some head-scratchers. I will try to explain the connections as they come back.

SENT 02/01/2017
1.    Wade Boggs Baseball HOFer $
2.    Dean Cain Celebrity Baseball Card
3.    Jaromir Jagr Hockey Panthers
4.    Andre Drummond Basketball Pistons
5.    Tim Hardaway Basketball Pistons

SENT 02/12/2017
1.    Rick Nash Hockey New York Rangers

SENT 02/14/2017
1.    Shane Greene Tigers
2.    James McCann Tigers
3.    Adam Wainwright Cardinals
4.    Lloyd McClendon Tigers
5.    Grayson Greiner Tigers
6.    Steven Moya Tigers
7.    Brad Ausmus Tigers
8.    Victor Martinez Tigers
9.    Justin Verlander Tigers
10.    Tyler Collins Tigers
11.    Nick Castellanos Tigers
12.    Daniel Norris Tigers
13.    JaCoby Jones Tigers
14.    Matt Boyd Tigers
15.    Omar Vizquel Tigers
16.    Miguel Cabrera Tigers
17.    Kris Bryant Cubs
18.    Charlie Blackmon Rockies
19.    Ned Yost Royals
20.    Ian Kinsler Tigers
21.    Edwin Jackson Padres
22.    Justin Upton Tigers
23.    Jordan Zimmermann Tigers
24.    Dusty Baker Nationals
25.    JD Martinez Tigers
26.    Clayton Kershaw Dodgers
27.    Cameron Maybin Angels
28.    Jon Lester Cubs
29.    Mark Trumbo Orioles
30.    Kyle Ryan Tigers
31.    Ichiro Suzuki Marlins
32.    Austin Jackson Indians
33.    Evan Longoria Rays
34.    Fransisco Liriano Blue Jays
35.    Rajai Davis A's
36.    Billy Butler Yankees
37.    Jake McGee Rockies
38.    Omar Infante Tigers
39.    Mike Gerber Tigers
40.    Logan Kensing Tigers
41.    Josh Hamilton Rangers
42.    Alex Avila Tigers
43.    Curtis Granderson Mets
44.    Jarrod Saltalamacchia Blue Jays
45.    Rick Porcello Red Sox
46.    Joe Mauer Twins
47.    Miguel Sano Twins
48.    Joba Chamberlain Brewers BALL

SENT 2/15/17
1.    Edward Mujica Tigers
2.    Angel Nesbitt Tigers
3.    Jeremy Hellickson Phillies
4.    Sonny Gray Athletics
5.    Yu Darvish Rangers
6.    Drew Pomeranz Red Sox
7.    Matt Moore Giants
8.    Zack Greinke Diamondbacks
9.    Jose Berrios Twins
10.    Lucas Giolito White Sox
11.    Jairo Labourt Tigers
12.    Al Kaline Tigers HOFer $

SENT 2/17/17
1.    Alex Bregman Astros
2.    Joc Pederson Dodgers
3.    Terry Francona Indians
4.    Phil Hughes Twins
5.    Kole Calhoun Angels
6.    Delino Deshields Jr. Rangers

SENT 2/18/17
1.    John Hicks Tigers

SENT 2/19/17
1.    Elvis Andrus Rangers
2.    Don Kelly Tigers
3.    Shin Soo Choo Rangers
4.    Ryan Braun Brewers


Five Year Hiatus OVER

I've been a bit busy creating a family the last five years so I took a break from autos. Recently, I've decided to get back to it. Everybody needs a hobby. Up top is a Michael Fulmer 5X7 I had signed at a local signing. I bought a bunch of these 5X7 cards online and hope to start getting them auto'ed they look so much cooler than regular cards.

Here are 4 other autos I've gotten recently. All in person autos but one:

I attended Tigerfest for the first time in 3 years this year and its nothing compared to what it used to be. I used to meet and get autos from 10-15 players and lines were 2 hours. This year I took my brother and feel bad he had to suffer through it. We stood in line for 3 hours to get Mike Pelfrey's auto and then 4 hours for Buck Farmer. Don't get me wrong; I love the autos I got and am so grateful the Tigers put on the event but it seems like they sell 10,000 more tickets to the thing now making it so packed you can't move. Also, in years past I NEVER stood in line to get a single autograph. Usually there were 2-4 signers at the table. I don't know what caused the changes that made the event take a terrible turn but it needs to be worked out. I would rather pay $500 for a ticket to assure I'd get to meet at least half the team and only 1,000 people were in attendance than pay $30 and spend my day standing around for little reward. The Tigerfest FAIL was a big reason I decided to get back into TTM autos. The younger Tigers coming up are looking good and I have a big wishlist of autos from them so since I only got Buck from my list done at Tigerfest I decided I'll send for the rest.

Anyway, the Marcel Dionne I bought online as we share the last name I should own this card. The Buck Farmer is amazing looking. He said he had never seen the Allen and Ginter X card before. The Pelfrey card I had to trade a Fulmer RC for in line before getting it signed as I couldn't find any Pelfrey cards before the event in my collection. The Kevin Van Dam was one of the coolest moments of my life. I went to a fishing show just to see him and maybe get him to sign this card. I walked around peeking behind the scenes for hours trying to spot him. Suddenly I saw a small crowd forming and him in the middle. As soon as some kids got their picture snapped I dove in and handed him the card and a blue sharpie. He had a black one already open and asked what color I wanted. I've idolized this dude forever so I just stared and drooled and don't even remember if I answered him.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweet Lou!

I finally got one of my '78 Detroit Tiger rookie cards signed. Lou Whitaker was signing at a mall and my finacee was awesome enough to go while I was at work. Now I need to track down Morris, Parrish and Tram.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Andy Dirks!

Got a return on my Andy Dirks card. Always an exciting player to watch. Awesome looking signature!

Sent: 2/28
Received: 3/17