Tuesday, October 17, 2017

! CONTEST ALERT ! Name My Blog Contest


When I started this blog it was only intended for me to have a place to post my TTM autograph returns for my own inventory and maybe show my brother. Thus, the title and URL. I didn't know years ago what it would turn into. I am having way more fun collecting now with buying and trading cards and a lot of it has to do with trade partners and friends I've made through this blog. Now the title and web address do not describe the blog accurately and its just plain boring. The Tigers are "rebuilding" so maybe I should too. So heads up followers; the web address and name will soon change but content will be the same.


As I approach my 100th post on this blog I would like that century mark posting to be an unveiling of a new name for the site. So here's the deal: I will pick one grand prize winner to not only be my brilliant blog brander but they will receive a big 'ol prize package from me with cards and other stuff that I guarantee to be awesome. ALSO, I will pick a couple other entrants at random to win some stuff just for visiting and participating. To enter: Comment on any post from my blog with a new name idea OR comment on someone else's idea if you like it OR email me at dionne.tribsports at gmail dot com with your name idea. ANYBODY CAN ENTER! Make sure I can trace some kind of contact info for you with a link or email address so I can contact the winners and personalize the prize a bit. Contest ends when I reach 99 posts. I would approximate that to be around Halloween time so there is time to think but feel free to enter as many ideas as you want for the grand prize. Entering more than once will not help your chances at the randomly drawn prizes as you will be entered only once for those. I would like the title of the blog to be something catchy but would stress it should describe what the blog is about so random googlers can find it. Check back here for the 100th post to see who won and to bookmark me to your favorites again!

Here are some thoughts that represent me or the blog that you may incorporate in the new name:
I live near Detroit and collect Detroit Tigers. I am a sucker for dimeboxes and junk wax. All my baseball heroes are late-80s and early 90s stars. I send out for TTM autos, trade with online and offline collectors, and attend card shows to add to collection. Like many others, I took a break from collecting from 2000-2010 or so for chicks, money, and a career. Now, I am a stay at home dad who loves to hunt and fish. I have a 3 year old son named Nolan who loves to go to the card shop only because he gets a happy meal after but I try to make him apart of everything I do.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Cards to Rebuild a Collection

 A Worthy Cause

I think most of you have heard through news/social media of the letter the Oakland Athletics received from a young fan who's home and card collection was destroyed by the recent fires in California. To recap: A 9 year old fan sent a hand written letter to the Oakland Athletics telling them his/her card and memorabilia collection was burned along with his/her home. In return, the A's and their players have made strides to give this kid some stuff to help out. This is great but it saddens me that there are probably thousands of kids who have the same story who won't get the same treatment because they don't even have the paper, pencil or stamp left to write their own letter and if they did, would probably more likely send letters to family to let them know they survived the fires. Anyway, I saw an address posted on facebook that you can send cards to to help this kid. I am sending a box of A's cards and probably some other stuff to the address. I hope they help the kid but I will include a short letter asking them to think about figuring out a way to help more than just that one kid. Here is the address if you are feeling generous and wish to donate:

Catherine Glazier c/o
Oakland Athletics
7000 Coliseum Way
Oakland, CA 94621

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hot and Heavy: TTM, Card Show, and Gifted Goodies

Ladies First

TTM return right off the bat. I think it speaks for itself.
Moving on, I received even more amazing cards from my wife's Papa. This time around he dropped the "Tiger Binder" on me and a stuffed tube.

The Tiger Binder in all its glory.

Even More Cardboard Joy Handed Down!

The Tiger Binder contains vintage tigers by year. A lot of absolutely stunning cards with hall of fame players that I grew up hearing about and watching. Can you imagine? I dream of finding one vintage Tiger card anywhere; dimeboxes, flea markets, hidden in the crawl space of a new rental. This book gets plopped on my lap. I will know how I did as a father when my son opens this book one day and is in awe, hopefully. Check out the goodness of just a couple pages of this stuffed book:

How long can you stare at a page of cards?

My record is at least 20 minutes without moving.

Curiosity of what the next page holds breaks my stare.

Check out the talent on this Hens team!

As if the binders weren't enough he showed up to my place with a tube. What was in it? Check this out. I remember seeing a sheet of uncut cards on the wall behind the counter of the LCS I went to as a kid. I thought it was the coolest thing. Look at what the tube contains:

These two guys would end up with a lot in common. How did Topps know?!

I am scared to even begin to open the gigantic roll of uncut cards. Ultimately, I would like to get them framed for protection so if anyone has any experience with this big of sheets in any way let me know. For now I can only bring myself to peek at the outside of the roll and carefully slide it back into its sheath. Definitely the coolest baseball card item I own now!

...and a Card Show to Boot.

I have had very, very little funds for cards lately but headed to a card show with some pocket change nonetheless. I also have thrown some trade packages together and have shipped some so keep an eye on your mailbox friends. I think I have described before that these aren't really "trade packages" so much as "care packages" to friends of the blog who have traded with me. My sorting boxes for them have gotten too fat so I'm skimming off the top of them and sending some goodies around.  The thing with these card shows and posting cards is I always do my post after sorting and don't pull the cards I set aside for people to show on my blog. So I often make some incredible finds but don't share them on here for two reasons; 1. Laziness and 2. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag for those receiving cards from me. Here is a sample of the stuff I hauled home from the Card Show dime boxes, without the trade bait.
Crede and Inge were both hometown heroes for sure. Its cool they made a card together.

I was at my peak Tiger following during Cleven's time in Detroit. Like so many others he made a big splash and never resurfaced unfortunately. Last I saw he was playing still. I wish him the best and thank him for the memories.
I have been to this particular card show 4 times now. I have picked up this card every time I am there. Its beat to hell and cost me $2 but its Higginson and Halter. These were the best players the Tigers could entertain us with as a kid. I got attached to these guys losing game after game. I had to have this card. At some point I need to hit a card show out of state. This card is probably in a quarter box anywhere other than Detroit.

Its hard to pass on Castellanos RC's even if I already have them.

I like watching Sano hit. I hope he stays good for a while.

So much greatness on one rookie card; Brian Banks and Billy McMillon!

I was a big Pat Burrell fan for a long time. He was a great hitter.

The writing on the top loader first grabbed my attention.

Pocket Schedules!

Some great pitching.

Lots of Rockets

Some rando's I didn't have.

I picked up this Ted Lindsay 5X7 because he is doing a signing this weekend. I don't know how in the world I will be able to scrape together $30 to get it signed but a guy can pray, right?

Sweet deal on the JV relic #'ed /175.

Young superstars.

Some vintage Tigers. Petry was signing at another show so instead of paying $6 for the auto and $20 more in gas to get there, I bought this card for $2.

I also stumbled upon a table marked "Everything $1." I am ashamed to say I only bought 4 boxes. The boxes pictured all have homemade labels on the end printed in wordpad from 1994 stating "'88 TOPPS, 1990 TOPPS TRADED, 1988 DONRUSS, and 1990 FLEER. I took a chance at these being full sets. One of them seems to be. The first I opened had triplicates of the first card, not a good start. The second box started off   2,3,4,5.... not good either. But, for $1 a piece I could finish the set or break it apart without feeling any remorse. My only regret is not being able to buy every box.